Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with sweet Jen for some quick takes!

1) I think it is safe to say that I am in a total funk and have lost the blogging bug that I am usually infested with (such a gross analogy!!). But seriously, I don't even know. I think it may be from reading Kelly Mantoan's blog because I love it so much and no longer want to even try to write anything because it will never make me as happy as reading her blog makes me. Kelly, is that weird? I know it is, but it's true. Every time a post from This Ain't the Lyceum pops up I am instantly in a better mood. I no longer need to blog, only to read. And only Kelly's blog.

2) In addition to just wanting to read Kelly's blog, I am suffering from blogger's block and a total lack of any motivation to do anything but sit on the couch and eat chocolate cheerios. It is really hard to blog while eating chocolate cheerios. I am working on some sort of contraption which would feed them to me while I type and when the prototype is ready you will most likely see me on Shark Tank. Although you may not recognize me due to the 200 pounds of chocolate cheerio chub I will most certainly have put on by that point. The other reason for my funk is...

2) Mike's jaunt to Boston
(or "interviewing for a job to provide for his wife and kids", that's what they are calling it these days). I underestimated how thrown off I get when he leaves, I am kind of like a really pathetic baby without it's mother, or a lost puppy dog- it's absurd. Luckily Mike's mother swooped into town and saved me from total insanity with her lovely company and invaluable help with the house and the girls. You would think that her being here would have given me the chance to blog, but any down time was spent 1) reading Kelly's blog, 2) tracking Mike's flights on United's website or 3) watching Parks and Rec while eating chocolate cheerios. I told you, no motivation.

3) Since I acted like Mike was going to be gone for a fortnight instead of 2 nights, we made him some signs to welcome him home and give him a crafty pat on the back for all his hard interviewing work (despite how the signs read, we do not know whether he actually got the job). Bernadette refused to color any of the signs with letter's that I made

and instead insisted on playing cartographer and drawing a "map of Boston". Her concentration was really impressive as was the outcome:

4) Speaking of Bernadette, I am having some issues with convincing her of possible names for our newest addition and it's getting pretty intense. Her hatred of my favorite girl name led to her make an imaginary call to the police station asking them to come outlaw the name I like and take me to jail if I use it. I asked her if she had any alternatives for the baby if it is a girl and she said:

"Sleeping Beauty"
"Pondy" or

So we are getting no where.

5) And still on the topic of the feisty second born, I love her and cherish her and do not know what my life would be like without her, but golly gee I am really excited to have a 2 day break from her record breaking tantrum throwing. I am leaving tomorrow for a short 2 day trip to my home town to celebrate my wonderful dad's birth and not taking any children. I know I am repressing how hard it is going to be for me to be away from them, but after the 15th tantrum before 9 a.m. this morning I was yearning for the 6 hour car trip sans emotional melt downs more than anything. It will be delightful.

6) While I have been neglecting any post writing here on the bloggy, I have not altogether forgotten it's presence and even updated my "About" page the other day AND finally made a page all its own for the many blogs I read, appropriately entitled "Blog Roll". And as always, there is ad space available, I have lowered the cost per ad and if you're interested in a swap, email me!

7) Last and best, my wonderful friend Sarah, who I always reference here on la blog had her 3rd sweet baby this week, isn't he the cutest?
I dream of the postpartum hospital time like I dream of a beach resort, so I was a little jealous going to visit and hold the baby but not getting to stay and sleep while people brought me food (I thought about asking if I could). My time will come again all too soon, and it will be glorious.


  1. BOSTON?!?!?!?!? I would be so thrilled if he gets a job here and y'all move here. Squeal!!!

  2. I've been in a blog-writing funk, too. It's so annoying, especially when I sit down to write and I've got nothing. At least you have good choices in tv shows - I need to rewatch Parks and Rec, it's been too long!

  3. I love Parks and Rec and I LOVE postpartum hospital time. Mmmm. I might even dream about it, tonight.

  4. You are the sweetest. And I feel no pressure to consistently post hilarious material or post more frequently..none. (Actually I'm breaking out in hives at disappointing everyone next week when I attempt seven posts in seven days.)
    If you're in need of some more interesting name suggestions my older threes' favorite choices when I was pregnant with Fulton were "Nicky Bruno", which when paired with our last name would have made him sound born to break kneecaps and "Jimmy Bill Crotch" which, I just don't even know....
    Lastly, If you don't make it to Edel I will cry. You take it easy so you're not on bedrest or something come July!

  5. Actually, if you've ever been to Boston, Bernadette's map is pretty accurate. (sorry--language, but so funny)

    We live in a grid city and visiting Boston made me lose my mind--we got lost every time we had to get out of the freaking hotel parking lot, and I'm really not kidding.

  6. I think .. no I too dream of postpartum hospital stay :) ahh, sweetness, and yet I always want to get home as soon as I can! :) Boston is one of my fav cities! My family is from there and a big handful still live there! I hope and pray all goes well with his interviews!

  7. totally right in the middle of making a blog roll page AS WE SPEAK (or AS I TYPE and AS YOU READ this) when I decided to take a break to read from one of my fave spots on the web. So you and I are on some kind of same brain wavelength whatever thing.

  8. Totally get the blog funk- I feel like that all of the time, really. Can't wait to read a post future post about your weekend home to celebrate your dad's b-day! :)

  9. Oh man, I am right there with you on so many of these... husband leaving for interviews, middle child throwing tantrums, obsessing over Kelly, and losing the blog bug (that was a gross analogy).

    Thanks for blogging so that I didn't have to! Are you also going to Edel?

  10. Boston is very close to me (I am an hour north in NH) but went to college there and lived & worked there I would be happy to show you around!

  11. I was *just* thinking the other day about how I could get back into the hospital for quiet, laundry free, all-inclusive stay!