Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Favorites!

Linking up with my hilariously awesome girl, Heather, new hostess of Hallie's original and wonderful Five Favorites in a desperate attempt to revive ye old forgotten blog. I know for certain that no one has been sitting around wondering why I haven't been torturing the interwebs with my ranting as much anymore, but man do I miss it some days. So here are some current favorite things.

1) Cheap cherries!

I get so ridiculously excited for cherry season and I don't even know if this is, in fact, the technical season but they were significantly cheaper yesterday than they have been as of late so I snatched them up.

I was out on one of those desperate "I need to get out of the house because the girls are making me desirous of a lobotomy and I would rather wrangle them in a store than be stuck in this house for one more second" store trips (we've all had those, right?). It was seriously the worst day of bat-shit craziness Mike and I have ever seen since rearing these girls and while this post is not dedicated to that (I'm coming for you tomorrow, Blythe), it is worth mentioning that the cherries were a major bright  spot in a rough, rough day.

While it takes an insanely long time to pit an entire batch, I think it is worth being able to down a handful of the delicious fruit without a) breaking your teeth apart or b) doing the awkward spitting of the pit which always makes me feel way too much like my old neighbor "Cabbage" who spent his days chewing tobacco and filling a can with his nasty tobacco spit. Enter the cherry pitter, also snagged during above mentioned store trip and used to therapeutically lobotomize each and every cherry after the girls were hastily thrown into their sleep cages pre-7 p.m. yesterday. It was bad, I tell you.

3) 32 weeks!

I know what you're thinking: "somebody get her some Windex!", and so you should be, but let's all applaud the fact that I am dressed in something other than pajamas or a bed sheet, ok? Ok.

Glad to be clipping along with the pregnancy, glad that the babe is a mover and a shaker and always letting me know that he is doing just fine and glad that I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. However, as Grace pointed out and as the girls ever-so-helpfully reminded me yesterday, children are 10,000 times easier in-utero than ex. Ten thousand.

4) Sewing!

It must be a 32 week trend because right at 32 weeks of pregnancy with Lucy I got back to sewing a tiny bit (cue Twilight Zone music) soooo weird, ok not that weird. The last few mornings have found me tackling my long, long forgotten sewing pile. One of the objects in the said pile was a shirt from Old Navy roughly 6 years old, worn a few times by me and never touched again.

See that patch of wild flowers right around the mid-section? They do nothing but make your mid-section look double it's real size. No one needs that. I have always thought it would make a better little girls sun dress and finally tried my hand at it today. I turned it inside out, laid it flat and cut the outline of one of Lucy's dresses, then hemmed the areas that needed hemming and sewed it together. Voila:

The only mistake that my pregnant brain made and did not notice until quite a bit had been sewn was that I used a lighter thread that you can see when you're up close, which just makes the dress scream "homemade dress!", but I HATE seam ripping and Lucy is 1 so I don't think she minds and so neither do I.

I wish that I were better at downing 15 different kinds of supplements a day, but mostly due to an extremely overly sensitive stomach, I am not. I have been trying to stay faithful to the blood builder, because I definitely notice a difference when I do, but it always brings with it the same nausea that all vitamins do when I take them during the day, BUT, if I take them at night that usually guarantees an extra trip to el banyo and I love me my shut eye. Anyways, my current solution is Prenatal Gummies and I love them. Don't tell me if you know they are the worst, just let me live in my land of thinking I am being awesome by taking them daily. Also, I just bribed Bernadette to take a nap with children's gummy vitamins, they are the best ever.


  1. Your little girl is darling--love the dress. I cannot even sew on a button so I'm impressed.

    1. Thanks! Button sewing is right around my skill level, sewing machines cover a multitude of mistakes.

  2. You did a great job with that dress!

  3. We ONLY do the gummies around here. Because we all love them - including the husband and the teenagers! And vitamins for everyone for the win. I'm totally coveting that cherry pitter - although my boys think it's hilarious to spit the pits into the trashcan. And baby-boy in utero looks adorable on you!

  4. Amen to the gummy vitamins! I'm terrible at swallowing pills so gummies all the way here :)

  5. The dress refashion is adorable! Mmmm, gummy prenatals :)

  6. I love that little dress! So sweet.

    I never take prenatal vitamins. They always make me throw up so what's the point? But maybe the gummies will stay down? Worth a try!

  7. Ah, Lucy is the cutest in that dress!

    And I keep meaning to get a cherry pitter, because John Paul's first summer eating cherries he ate them, pits and all. And I learned that they go RIGHT through a toddler, so it made for some interesting diapers... He's better about it now, but still makes such a mess trying to peel them off the pits! I could totally put him to work with a pitter :)

  8. The dress is so so cute! Amazing job.