Thursday, January 28, 2016

Comfort food for the uncomfortable time

I don't think you'd be surprised to learn that cooking during the beginning (and into the middle) of pregnancy is, um, difficult, to say the least. If I were going to make a quick list of the hardest parts, it would go as follows:

*thinking of recipes, because the thought of virtually everything under the sun makes me gag
*thinking of what ingredients to buy, because thinking of the ingredients makes me gag
*going to the grocery store, because the smell of every grocery store makes me gag
*finding and purchasing the ingredients because looking at them and thinking about them... you can guess what it makes me do.

If only there was some company who picked out your meals for you, gathered all the ingredients, put them into an incredibly well-packaged box that showed up on your door step ready for you to cook the creative, delicious meal.

Obviously I am building up to something, and after my many rantings and ravings over Blue Apron (post sponsors!) and their wide variety of recipes and wonderfully fresh ingredients, you probably knew I was about to spill some more about them.

Their deliveries almost always fall during a week that I really needed some kitchen assistance. It is so nice to get to skip so many of the meal planning steps, and while the actual execution of cooking and serving the meal is still rather difficult during pregnancy, I do every night either way and some help in the above listed areas was extremely welcome this time.

The meal they sent was absolutely perfect for our sub-zero temperature and snowy January days, because this one was the epitome of "comfort food".

Chicken and drop biscuit casserole with Cremini Mushrooms and Red Pearl Onions.

I'm not usually a huge mushroom fan, but this recipe incorporated them really well and I actually enjoyed them! Their meals are universally healthy and hearty, I have not seen one that doesn't fit that description while browsing through their selection. In addition they are unique and get you out of your ordinary meal planning ruts, or am I the only one who has those?

The biscuits were prefect and any meal that includes all the veggies my kids need for the day in one serving of dinner is a WIN in my book.
Blue Apron now offers a really great recycling program, which you can take advantage of by using option in your community or by returning your packaging for free to Blue Apron via USPS, you can find more about it here.

Blue Apron is working on developing a sustainable food system, which uses high quality ingredients-- you can read all about it on their mission page here. They offer two types of plans, the 2-Person Plan and Family Plan, and every time we've received the quantities for the Family Plan, we've had enough to feed our entire family, and sometimes have even had leftovers!

 Blue Apron is offering two free meals to the first 20 readers on their first order, just CLICK HERE! And Enjoy!!

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  1. Damn. This looks so good! If I was in America I would definitely be using up your affiliate linkin!

  2. I'm still a huge eMeals fan, but the convenience of Blue Apron is nice (just not so much the price). Glad it's helping you combat this pregnancy nausea, and hoping that goes away soon!

  3. We got our first delivery last weekend and we loved the food, I'm not sure we'll be able to afford it as often as we'd like though. I did love that it got us out of our cooking rut!!

  4. Excellent Post