Monday, April 18, 2016

a serious case of the Mondays

I'm sitting down at noon on a Monday to blog, which in itself should give you a hint that this is sure to be therapeutic blogging at it's very best. Or worst. Because Monday. And it's only noon.

You see, when I first started this blog I primarily complained about how hard all the motherhood things were. Sure I sprinkled it with the occasional obligatory Gratitude Post, but I mostly just vented. And today I am hearkening back to the blog days of yesteryear because-- life is damn hard some days.

I do not even want to try to count the number of times I have set the kids up with an activity only for them to declare a mere 30 seconds later that: "I'm bored!", or "There's nothing to do!". Then there are the more frequent screams and screeches from one party because another party is holding their pencil  the wrong way and it enraged them, or one's pinky grazed the other one's calf and they found it utterly intolerable.

Oh and also we are selling our house next month and moving to a new state this summer soon after Fred emerges, so there is that too. I had grand plans for a substantially sappy post about the big life-change, but then pregnancy got the better of me by 9:30 as it usually does and I slept instead of finishing it.

So yes, Mike got a job! In Virginia! And we own a home here in South Bend! So we have to sell it!! NEXT MONTH!!!

So much crap to sift through and throw away, so many trips to the thrift store, so many messes being made by all the kids, so much packing, and kids screaming, and boxes and poopy diapers (not in the same place) and toddler tantrums and WAH WAH WAH! I know I am going overboard with the venting but something MUST take the place of the nightly strong alcoholic beverage that I can't have because of this human still gestating inside me. Really the majority of the stress can be chalked up to the those 2 things: the moving/selling/trying to find a house to live in and pregnancy, they are not, I repeat NOT, a winning combination.

Seriously, pregnancy is so sooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooooong. So much weight gain and so little drinking to blame for it. So much falling asleep in the middle of talking to a children. So many teeth that still need to finish growing in the 21 month-old's mouth resulting in more non-bladder related sleep disruptions than I would prefer.

He is the slowest teething child ever. First tooth at 13 months and they've moved at a snails pace since then. I'm pretty sure he'll still be getting molars when he's heading to college.

Is my stream of conscious bothering you yet? Sorry, I'm going to keep going because someone is crying AGAIN and I would much rather sit here and rant than attend to whatever absolute nonsense has surely caused this emotional break down. It's already over. Ok good, onward.

Some good things:

Let me be the millionth Midwesterner to exclaim my high, HIGH praises for the weather which has finally started to consistently act like spring, I owe you all my current traces of sanity.

Always with the eating mud.
And Little Einsteins, you get a shoutout too.

Joseph has just started sitting through most of an episode and it is basically the nicest thing he's ever done for me, second to existing.

And the very best thing today? We have now made it to blessed, glorious nap time and no one is asking me for cheese or to wipe them.

Happy Monday, party people.


  1. Squeeee! Virginia?? As in near your sister-in-law? As in we may even get to meet IRL??? I am sorry you are having a case of the Mondays, but I am thrilled for you all!

  2. Oh no Ana. I hope the afternoon goes better!! Prayers for the selling and the sanity and the teeth!

  3. Oh no Ana. I hope the afternoon goes better!! Prayers for the selling and the sanity and the teeth!

  4. Good luck with the selling and moving and packing. We just moved across town with only one little baby underfoot, and I was all "woe is me" more than I should have been! It is hard, though!

  5. Oh my goodness. Good luck. I hate moving... Sending you prayers for the sorting, packing and oh yeah, birthing in the middle of it all! But Virginia is a good state! It is beautiful. I am praying you find a new house (that is just right) quickly and sell your current one quickly.

  6. Oh mooooving. While pregnant! Done it. No fun. And house selling is terrible. But what a new adventure! Take up Dr Pepper drinking like me, it's fine during pregnancy.

  7. Now I can meet you irl and drop off a real, hot meal :) good luck with the move. Offering up potty training for you.

  8. God bless Little Einsteins, which has saved my sanity more than once. And packing/moving with young kids, while pregnant totally stinks- you deserve a goid vent!!

  9. Oh dear. We had our house on the market last summer and it was horrid and I wasn't even pregnant yet.I'll be asking St. Joseph to send some prayers your way :) I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  10. Moving sucks. Moving while pregnant is miserable. Buuut I'm thrilled you're coming to VA!!! Great place to be! 😊

  11. Oiy....selling, moving and buying is sooo not fun prego. Prayers to all of you. Yay for a job, though!

  12. This is hilarious!!!
    I don't know how you make it through the days at this point - so much going on!!!
    And yes, thank goodness for spring weather!
    Can I ask who did your title and your blog graphics? I need to update mine!

  13. This is fantastic!!!! My Catholic mom friends and I talk about how much we appreciate you. Carry on!

  14. Virginia?! So exciting - my "home" state. As much as a home as this military brat can claim! Hope the house sells quickly.

  15. So I wanted to comment on this back when you published it a month ago, but for some reason I could not get blogger comments to work with my Google account! But then I figured it out and came back because I'm from Richmond and go to school in DC (so I am at least somewhat familiar with the horror sorry wonder of NoVa)! It is very fun here, though the pollen is insane.