Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy {heavenly} birthday, Freddie!

I've made plenty of jokes about Fred being a #fifthborn and how he gets the shaft because of it, and even though I am mostly only kidding (the glut of attention shown to him by every member of our family certainly indicates the opposite) the length of time between his birthday AN ENTIRE WEEK AGO and his birthday blog post would solidify that he does, in deed, get the shaft (or at least the blog-shaft).

HOWEVER, today is his one year supernatural birthday, the one year anniversary of his baptism as a little Catholic, so I am going to pretend that I intended the delay in order to celebrate both at once.
One year ago today.
He is the baby-est 1-year-old I've ever had, in that at one-year-old he makes me feel like I still have a 6-month-old underfoot-- he just hasn't quite gained the independence of other 1-year-olds I've seen and I am more than ok with that because I am in no rush for him to get bigger. He is so super cuddly and still nurses a ton at night and would nurse all day if I didn't have 4 other dependents needing to be to be fed cared for as well.

The first year of his life has certainly been the craziest of all my kids' first years and I would say it is likely the graces of his baptismal day spilling over to his extremely feeble, hot mess of a mom helping her to actually survive this year. He was born, a week later he was baptized, 2 weeks after that we moved, and a little over a month after that Mike started the new job and I got into my first year of homeschooling 2 legit grade levels. He was also a really colicky baby so those first 6 months of his life are basically a complete blur save for the glorious episodes of the British Baking Show, which was the highlight of my life there for a while.

I love how once they hit one year, you can really start to see your baby's personality come out. I would say Fred's halkmarks are: sweet, snuggly (sometimes translated "clingly", but I prefer snuggly), more timid and reserved than his crazy older brother, and with the exception of when he's sick or wakes up in the middle of the night, an all around happy and content baby.

It was such a fun treat that last weekend on his birthday his godmother, my youngest sister, came for a visit, which Fred was ecstatic about.


We had a great weekend which I'm blaming for the delay in blog-tention.
Anyways, happiest birthday a week late to our sweet Fred Bernard and happy baptismal day today!
And an attempt at recreating the mother-son shot 1 year ago today:

Baptismal Day

We love you and we will keep you! 

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