Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of those days

Ha! You thought you were about to read another annoying, whiny post that I am all too known for. But you were wrong. I wanted to throw you off my scent with a misleading title because I am tricky like that.

Nope, this day has been good, and I feel the need to say so via the interwebs. Mostly because I feel like all I do is complain. ALL. THE. TIME. That is, to be honest, one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place. Well, not only to complain, but to be able to put on virtual paper the really trying parts of motherhood and wifehood, and attempt to make them humorous, thereby making them feel less crushing. It works, really.

But then I reach a point where I pull up the old blog and it is literally post after post of complaining, trying to be funny about it, barely succeeding, and that's it.
**This is not to say that this will not continue to be the general trend of the blog, because it will**.

But I just wanted to mix it up today with some basking in the good stuff. The very simple good stuff.

Like meeting a friend at the zoo and then heading to the library to stock up on a big lot of books-on-tape/cd-- consequently leading to hours of quiet self-entertainment on the girls' part all afternoon.

on the cherished miniature zoo benches

And the fact that after a long time of waiting for the girls to be best buds who like each other more than they like me, and like to be around each other much more than having me around- it has happened with consistency and it is glorious. They laugh, they play, they have ridiculous, confusing conversations, and then they laugh some more and it is perfect.

mitten dancin', what else?

Also, Mike and I have started moving Bernadette to another room in the middle of the night so that they sleep until the non-nauseatingly early hour of 6:30 instead of 5 a.m. but they still get to fall asleep in the same room-- everybody wins. For now.

And so it is all peaceful, happy, and I even still like being pregnant. Who knew that was even possible? Not me. But I will take it.

Last and not even close to least, Grace's announcement made me more happy than I am sure is actually normal or natural- but still another happy part of a happy day.

Ok, you can stop wanting to throw up a little in your mouth as I am done gushing over nothing. I just had to note some good things, otherwise the kids will end up being all too confused about why I did not end up needing to be institutionalized, provided that miraculously doesn't happen.


  1. Yay for good days!!
    And those mitten dancing awesome :)

  2. I love it! "Those days" sometimes make all the other ones worth it ;)

  3. I love entering into the phase where the kids are each other's best friends. You girls are adorable and look like they love each other very much.

  4. I love your posts! It makes us all feel like one giant sisterhood, and that our very, horrible day is not so isolating. And that we're NOT the only ones....! Glad you came up with a solution to the sleeping issue. Isn't it funny how our whole perspective on "good" sleep changes when the kiddies arrive? Who would have thought you could be "happy" sleeping "in" until 6:30....!

  5. Super cute pictures! I didn't realize how long and beautiful Naomi's hair was. I love Bernadette's curls. They look so happy. You're doing it right!

  6. I say let it all out. It's hard being pregnant with little kids in the house. I totally took it for granted when I was pregnant with the twins and could just come home from work, eat, and lay on the couch watching tv. I don't think they let me sit down yesterday. I'm still wondering how this baby hasn't fallen out yet. Only 11 more days. How long do you have again?

    We get some sort of award for doing this, right? Someone said there was an award..and cookies...and alcohol?