Thursday, November 15, 2012

The thrifting challenge

Posting twice in one day?

Yes, in order to meet the challenge that was set before me by the lovely Mary, here is my all-thrifted outfit of the week:
Industrial rain boots; 4 weeks post partum bump; I cannot look at the camera when photographing myself

I ventured out to our local favorite thrift store and snagged this lovely Faded Glory top, then went ahead and paired it with these previously altered maternity jeans, from this past pregnancy. Even the white under-tank is thrifted.

I will rate this outfit about a 4, which is being generous, but what else can you expect from the post partum wardrobe? Not much.

Here a few other all (or mostly) thrifted (and altered) outfits from the past.
#1 (mostly thrifted)
#2 (all thrifted)
#4 (both all thrifted)
#3 (both bottom outfits are completely thrifted) 

Loved this challenge, Mary! I hope you do it again in a few moths when I can wear normal pants :)


  1. You look great, Ana! Thanks for taking part; I think we will have to do this again! Those newly post partem days are my worst for getting dressed - trying to Frankenstein an outfit together from maternity and regular clothes, neither of which really fit. You look like you are handling it with grace and aplomb!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't have guessed it was thrifted! You're looking lovely, friend. I'd say keeping your sanity and looking nice are pretty big accomplishments for the post-partum days =). I'm hoping to be so successful.

  3. My belly still looks like that 16 months postpartum. Let's make it poular, okay? It is pro-life at least!

  4. Love the horizontal stripes. Super cute!