Thursday, February 27, 2014

14 weeks

I'm giving myself mad props for waiting all the way until 14 (.5, but who's counting) weeks to do a pregnancy only post, as opposed to my slightly obnoxious early pregnancy and on posting while carrying Lucy. The main purposes for even posting this are as follows: 1) to document the various differences and prove my hypothesis that this baby is indeed a boy 2) I have hit a wall with all things blogging and pretty much have nothing else to blog about and 3) for posterity's sake in future pregnancies because I feel like I have lied to myself in the past and will do so no longer.

First, 14 weeks in it's glory:

Tunic, scarf and cardigan: TJ Max
Leggings: Just One  
Boots: Franco Sarto at Macy's

And now for some facts you don't care about but that I am sharing anyways, I feel sure I will look back for pregnancy reference:

+I'm still in super-denial about maternity pants and do not want to wear/look at them for at least another 10 weeks, which means... leggings! All the time! Literally, all the time. It must be the collective 20+ months I've spent in in maternities over the last 6 years that has soured me on them, because I was not this anti with the other 3, but I will not have them right now. Thank goodness for the legging trend that wearing tight spandex as pants is acceptable.

+ As of a couple of days ago I started to feel a little less like a ball of nausea and pukiness, but up until that day I was sure I was going to feel sick forever.  I kept thinking that with the first 3 pregnancies I felt all better by 12 weeks but that is so very wrong. I know so many other, much less wimpy women than me feel sick for much, much longer and deal with it much, much better than me, but I am a wimp and was starting to feel like I might just die if things didn't start to change just a little. And they have, so I guess I'll live.

+ I feel sure that this babe is a boy (and for the sake of a decrease in overly emotional behavior in this house I am praying for it) mostly because of the change in things I want to eat. With the 3 lady babies I pretty much only wanted nasty, fried, fast food all the time but I cannot even think about a drive through without gagging, so- BOY.

+ I actually made a meal the other night with asparagus on the side just so that I could eat most of it (since the rest of the fam hates asparagus) because I was craving asparagus. That is completely unheard for me during any pregnancy and it served to prove my boy theory.

+ If only my change in cravings helped with the insane weight gain that always happens in all my first trimesters, but alas it has not and my weight obsessed doctor is not letting me forget. Luckily my skin (and my waist) is a bit thicker this time and I know it will all be okay.

+ Early pregnancy in the winter is rough, especially this winter and while my physical activity status is at about ZERO, I do so look forward to the chance to walk (or maybe even jog slowly!) when it is finally not arctic outside.

Ok, I am really only 14 weeks so I will spare you anymore for tonight and let you sit on the edge of your seats until the next one, because there will be more (cue maniacal laugh).

For other, way more interesting blogging head over to Jen's 7 posts in 7 days link list. I am thoroughly enjoying my full feedly reader this week.


  1. You're so lovely!! Also, I cannot imagine ever ever ever having a craving for asparagus. That must have been quite the experience.

  2. I bet you are right that it's a boy if you have different cravings this time.. mostly because that happened to me and so therefore must be true. With my girls I wanted to cram sweets in my mouth all day and with my son I wanted egg salad (which I think is normally gross) and I wanted red meat and bacon. I gained 50 pounds with each of my 8 pound girls and only 30 pounds with my 10 pound son. Good luck surviving the rest of the vortex....

  3. You look amazing!

    Also, I lie to myself every pregnancy about how long the nausea will last. First trimester! That's 12 weeks, right? No, it's 15-16. Glad you're out at 14 :)

  4. You look great! You and Grace give me hope that I will actually look cute for a future pregnancy. With the Henry, I was far from cute. More just a big whale.

    I don't have a lot of experience regarding different genders and cravings, but I like the theory and it sounds pretty accurate since your cravings were consistent with all the girls.

  5. Looking good and I love your outfit! I've also been pretty much unable to eat fried food this pregnancy (makes me so sick as does the thought of any fast food) and most of my cravings have been healthy ones (including asparagus ha), and it is a boy ;)

  6. I've had three boys and am 12weeks into my next pregnancy, and I have been surprised at the change in cravings, too. Usually vegetables and FRUIT are the only things I want to eat, but this pregnancy the only greens I can stand to think about are in a fresh salad (at Sweet Tomatoes), and I was finally able to start eating apples a couple of weeks ago. I have craved fries and tater tots, but after one go, I couldn't eat them anymore. I also haven't been able to tolerate chicken or most beef, which is SO different from every other pregnancy!

    Anyway, now that I've wasted too much of your time, you keep praying for a boy and I'll keep praying for a girl. :) Who may turn out to be the first picky eater in this family! I really need a friend who has hair to braid and doesn't need to make a gun or sword out of EVERYTHING. :D

  7. You are so adorable pregnant! Glowing and beautiful. :)

  8. You are beautiful! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! :)

  9. I thought it was hilarious how many people informed me I was having either a girl or a boy based on a certain symptom. Occasionally the same symptom equaled both boy AND girl, such as person #1: "You're carrying high; it must be a boy." Five seconds later, person #2: "You're carrying high; it must be a girl!" :P But if I were you and had 3 girls, I'd be wanting a boy, too, I think, and would be JUST as determined to make the symptoms prove it! :)

    I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking around--you have a good sense of humor. :)

  10. for what it's worth, I was only sick with our boys, never our girls. ;-)
    Looking fantastic!!

  11. You look great! Congratulations on the baby and also on making it through the 1st trimester. I, too, am due in August (16.5 weeks, thank you very much) and am eschewing the maternity pants for the time being. But I'm wondering the secret to the leggings--are they maternity leggings? If not, how do they not hurt (or at least make you very uncomfortable) pressing into your lower belly? I find that I'm only able to wear really loose sweats right now, but would love to go to leggings if they wouldn't be uncomfortable. And can I just say that clothing styles (in general) have changed soooooooo much since all of my maternity clothes were purchased with #1 in 2009 and a few additional things with #2 in 2010? I would feel riDICulous wearing the loose-legged pants from back then. So, yeah, totally open to learning how to look cute and be comfy in leggings. Tips?

  12. A boy would be fun! Are you planning on finding out the gender? I was sooo sick with all of my pregnancies; I can relate!