Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's a miwacle!

Around the time of Bernadette's birth, Mike was out on a weekly thrift store run and found this movie:


... perfect for the upcoming arrival.

We thought that it would be great for when the girls got older, and especially for Bernadette to learn about her namesake. This was a nice thought, but then she was born and it turned out that I needed to plop her older sister in front of it for at least one viewing a day in order to get anything done stay sane.

This has resulted in a wonderful devotion of Naomi to her sister's patroness, which I will never discourage, but it has also resulted in some other habits as well. Such as the one where Naomi, while playing outside, at the playground, in my parents' yard, or anywhere at all, will suddenly kneel down in whatever given spot she has designated as "the grotto" and begin to "pray a rosary" sure that she will see Our Lady. Another habit formed immediately upon first seeing the video is one where if she is in or around water, even just drinking it, she needs to dip her arm in it and lift it out proclaiming "It's a miwacle!" What a little saint we have...
A saint in the making?


You may have heard (by heard, I mean seen) me talk (and by talk I mean type) about my not-so-little super glamorous full body pregnancy rash before (complaining in 3 different posts isn't overkill, is it?). At my last doctor's appointment, the doc took one look at it and said "Oh yeah, that's PUPPS. I am so sorry." When I asked what I could do to make it go away, she quickly and bluntly responded, "Nothing, it will not go away until after pregnancy and there isn't that I can give you to treat it."

And then I fought back bursting into tears for pretty much the entire appointment--I was a leeedle discouraged. So I called Mike when she left the room to have me disrobe and broke the news to him that he would have a nasty, rashy, complainy wife for the next 6 months and I continued to fight back the tears. He said something really encouraging, as he always does, and I ignored it and felt discouraged and bad for myself, as I always do.

When I arrived home from my never-ending doctor's appointment, Mike said that he had an idea. He handed me a bottle of Lourdes water and suggested that I drink some and pour it over my afflicted areas, aka, everywhere, and just pray for Mary's intercession for healing and for the grace to be able to echo her "fiat" to God--"thy will be done." (one helpful, holier-than-me spouse? check.) At this point I would say I was a bit desperate, so as soon as the girls were down for naps, I did just as he suggested, dousing myself and taking shots of the the holy water and seriously praying for a little "miwacle."

I have waited a few weeks to make sure that the thing stayed far away, but I would say within one day it started to improve and within one week my skin went from looking like it had gotten hit with a million skin meteors to now looking normal, and I am no longer scratching myself like a flee ridden dog. I'm not saying it was a miracle (um, maybe I am), but I'm feeling so much better now, and it sure doesn't hurt to feel like I got the hookup from Mama Mary.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!


  1. Wow, that's wonderful =D! By that I mean everything in that post...from Naomi to Mike to your little "miwacle"! It is beautiful to know God really knows our hearts and wishes to give us this encouragement. So glad!

  2. Hey! I completely believe in miracles and God's tender mercies. Hooray for some relief and I'm sorry you had to deal with it at all!

  3. Naomi is adorable!!! And that is truly amazing about the rash going away. It kind of reminds me of the supernatural and that I really need to do a little more praying :)

  4. um that is AWESOME!

    and i love all the CCC videos desperately...

  5. What a great story! Definitely a miracle!!

  6. I'm with Emily- I love everything in this post! Naomi's devotion is so cute, Mike is awesome for thinking of that, and wow. Mama Mary is awesome.

  7. PS. Why yes, I do overuse the word 'awesome.' But it's so true in both cases.