Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Some speedy takes, with mostly pictures from my phone, because it would be a tragedy if I didn't make it to every link-up party that I can this week. Seriously, 5 link-ups in one week? I have a problem.

1) First a gratuitous cute picture of Lucy whose face literally lights up when she smiles. It is pretty wonderful.
Even on a phone camera you get it. I take no credit for her cuteness.

2) And now for a post-run picture of me in my Friday best, with the resident 4-year-old and all-star tantrum thrower:
Don't let that sweet smile fool you, she will break you.

3) And Bernadette would not smile but would only pose like this since she was in character:

4) As I mentioned in take 2, I went for what I call a "run" with the 2 older girls while Lucy took her morning feline slumber. I define anything that makes you feel like you are going to keel over and die right there on the road a "run". However as I passed a super sweet, super fit friend while out on my "run" she very sweetly asked, "oh, are you guys out for a walk?". After I swallowed my heart and caught my breath I answered back that "uh huh, yeah, you know, just a little walk". Then I hung my head in defeat and continued to huff and puff my way back home.
going slow enough to take a picture. patheicville.
5) I am out of phone pictures, but I want to give  big shout out to my fabulous sister for making me a blog header that isn't colorless and missing the bottom part of the "g" in "having". She is way better at me with anything cute and done on la computadora. Also I am way too cheap to pay anyone to make by blog look not terrible. You should click the picture below and head over to check out her etsy shop, it is pretty great as is she.

6) When Mike saw the new header he made fun of the bird on it because of this clip from Portlandia:

I love the bird.

7) Did you check out Grace's post how-to-start-and-keep a blog? Of course you did, but if you didn't and you're thinking about starting your own blog, you should. Her tips are so helpful + she's funny. And for the love of Pete please please take take her advice and turn off word verification! Pretty please? I would be a most obliged commenter.

Alrighty, head over to Jen (SO glad you're back, Jen!!) for more!


  1. Put.A.Bird.On.It.

    Mike and I pretty much find any excuse to say that.

  2. Oh also, your blog is looking mighty fine.

  3. The put a bird on it clip isn't so funny when you live near Portland and they actually do put birds on EVERYTHING. :)

  4. Your blog is looking good and that clip made me laugh out loud!

  5. First think I noticed was that rockstar new header. Love!

  6. Love, love, love the picture of Lucy, and I also love your new header!:)

  7. Haha, my neighbor tells me to have a good walk every time I leave the house all geared up for a run! Wop-wop.

  8. Love all of this! The header, the baby, the run/walk. Probably should've put the baby before the header. I value babies over blog design, but I got into typing this comment and now I have to go get my own baby, and well, you know how it is.

  9. Your kids continue to be too cute!
    I love the header but could not tell from her shop if she does this routinely (like I could maybe hire her to help with my pitiful one).

    Running or walking ~ pushing a double stroller while doing qualifies you for super status.

  10. Lucy is a little chunk of baby love. Can I maybe squeeze her in person if we maybe happen to be in the Bend this summer? The Italian consulate in Chicago may be unexpectedly adding itself to our cross-America tour in late June/early July. Sigh.

    Also, word I the only one who gets like legit troll/stalkers on a semi-regular who drop f-bombs and tell me I'm going to burn in hell and be tortured by lesbians for writing 'controversial' and 'divisive' posts on, like, Catholic Church teachings and stuff?

    Cause I would have a real situation in the 'ol combox if I ever were to shut down the robot vetting. At least this way I'm the only one bleeding from the eyes when it hits my inbox...

  11. look that cute post exercise??? So jealous ;-)

  12. The new design is super cute! Also, any movement outside, especially when it involves pushing two other humans in front of yourself, is legit exercise. The speed at which you're moving is of minimal consequence. Feel no shame!

  13. You do realize you would have turned the tables of shame on the fit friend if you would have said spryly, "no! We are out for a run!" And SHE would have lurked off shaking her head with the realization that she just put the biggest foot in her mouth.

    Sorry, that just came too close to home! Your blog is beautiful and you and your daughters gorgeous!