Thursday, January 1, 2015

12 in 2014

Happy new year to all! Before I get too ahead of myself with new-year's resolutions and goals and thoughts for the coming months, let's go back and look at the goodness that was 2014.

I just love Dwija's year-in-review-photo-link-up, it is is just what my nostalgic, emotional and sentimental heart needs at the end of a year to really soak it all in. I remember doing this the year that Lucy was born and feeling like it was "Lucy's Year" and I feel the same way this year, it is definitely "The Year of Joseph", which is fitting because each new life is such a monumental blessing and impacts everything in such a life-changing way, and it never gets old now matter how many kids you have. So here we go, the Year-O-Joe, and other things too.

After finding out in December that we were expecting, we waited several weeks until we were into January to find out that everything was going well with our newest family addition. It was a wonderful, joyful day and set the stage for the rest of the month and the whole year. 

February was a blur of nausea and fatigue, but towards the end I started to come out of the fog a little and took my first solo weekend trip away for my dad's 60th birthday, what a good time it was.

Between starting to feel better, celebrating the 5th birthday of my first born, and my own birthday, AND THEN finding out about our first boy, March was a gooooood month.

Don't let that sun fool you, April was still miserably cold for a really long time, but Easter brought my parents, sunshine, and hope of coming warmth

And then we went outside and stayed out there for a long, long time.



Joseph Pio became a little Catholic and what a gloriously beautiful day it was, I honestly can't remember the rest of that month.

A semi-colicking baby could not stop us from enjoying the fall, and enjoy it we did.

It's amazing how more than one child's birthday (I documented Bernadette's and Lucy's) in a month makes it a birthday month, and that is what October is for us- birthday month. We also made a trip to Steunbenville and my sister came to visit, many good times were had, but I am not going to lie, the realization that PPD was plaguing me really colored much of the month, though I only realize that in hindsight. 



Our celebration of Saint Nicholas day was the most low-key it's ever been, but many great toys were gifted and much fun was had. I would blog about our Christmas travels but that would take more time and energy than are currently present, so we'll leave December at that.

Again, I just love the opportunity to look back at the year and use my blog to remember things that I have already forgotten, and to be grateful- hit up Dwija for some more fun years of pictures!


  1. I won't lie, I had a freak out (in a good way!) moment when I first saw this link on Facebook and it was highlighted by the ultrasound photo. I'm still impressed by that rainbow cake, esp if you made it in the throes of PPD!

    1. Hahahaha same here!

      (Also I forgot Joseph's middle name was Pio, and I swooned over it all over again.)

  2. I'm so glad you linked up. And I'm REALLY going to need the lyrics to the grandma song inspired by your blouse today. Really really need.

  3. What a great year! Definitely very special with the arrival of your sweet Joseph. I love that name.